Is Consett A Nice Place To Live?

Consett is a beautiful little town situated in County Durham and is said to be one of the best places to live in County Durham.

Here at Accent Housing, we have a variety of housing association properties all over the north of England, including County Durham and Consett. All of our properties are affordable and reasonable and have everything you could possibly need when looking for a place to live in Consett.

Is Consett A Good Place To Live?

Consett is a perfect little town high on the edge of the Pennines and a nice place to live. It’s a town steeped in rich local history due to its prominence in the UK's famous steel making industry and is famed for helping make the steel that makes up Blackpool Tower.

Consett is the perfect place to raise children or start a family. It has a brilliant selection of schools with good links to colleges both in Consett and the nearby areas.

The town of Consett also has an existing cultural side with its theatre, The Empire Theatre, one of the oldest in County Durham. The Empire Theatre is known for its amazing and lively Christmas pantomime they produce every year, which is the perfect activity for a family day out, especially if you have young children.

Consett also has plenty of local eateries and pubs for you to visit, making it perfect for anyone with a budding or active social life, as well as other local venues and amenities like a cinema and a gorgeous surrounding area for you to explore on walks and hikes.


Housing Association Properties In County Durham

Accent Housing specialises in good quality, affordable housing association properties. Housing association properties are properties you rent through housing schemes and systems. Unlike other properties to rent, you apply for a housing association property through a website or app like our Let’s Move app.

Housing association properties are designed for people who need homes. When you apply for a housing association property, you are considered for the property, and it will go to the person who is deemed to need it most.

Anyone can apply for a housing association property no matter their age, income or needs however the property will always go to those who need it the most.

Accent Housing takes great pride in all of its properties whether they are designed for families or the elderly. We want to make sure all of our tenants have everything they need and that they feel safe and secure in their homes.

We make sure all of our affordable homes to rent are fitted with all the utilities and facilities you need and that everything works to the highest possible standard so that you can live comfortably in your Accent Housing housing association property.


How To Apply For Housing Association Properties In County Durham?

Accent Housing has over 2000 homes all over the UK, including County Durham, and have helped over 41,000 residents find homes for themselves and their families. Accent Housing is a housing association and is dedicated to helping those who need it find high quality, affordable homes.

If you are looking to move to County Durham, then try Let's Move. Let's Move is Accent Housing’s new online application service that makes applying for a house so much easier.

A lot of our properties across Yorkshire, Lancashire and Teesside, can be applied for directly through Let’s Move.

Registering for Let’s Move is quick and easy. All we need is a few personal details, including your name, date of birth, email address and a password. After that, you just need to verify your account and you’re good to go.

Using Let’s Move allows you to view properties and create a property atlas so you can see which homes are available near you or the area you would like to move to. You can set up alerts to see when new properties become available and tailor your alerts to suit your needs and requirements when house hunting.

With Let's Move, you can complete your application online and easily keep track of all the applications and property viewing you have lined up. With Let's Move, finding your perfect home has never been simpler.


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