How Does A Mutual House Exchange Work?

Are you looking to downsize, upside or just fancy a location change? A Mutual House Exchange could be the perfect option for you.

Mutual House Exchange is an online tool that can help you find someone to swap homes with by the process of mutual consent. The perfect thing about this option is you can move anywhere in the country. You just must have someone mutually wanting to come the other way.

You could move to the same street, same county, or even 300 miles away - parameters are not an issue. In this Accent Housing blog, we’re going to discuss all things surrounding a Mutual House Exchange, and more importantly, if you like the idea, where you sign up and begin the process.

What Is A Mutual House Exchange?

A mutual house exchange – often referred to as a tenancy exchange is when you swap your home with another council or housing association resident.

It's different to a tenancy transfer where you ask to move to another council or housing association home when one is available.

With an exchange, you must:

  • Find someone to swap homes with
  • Get written permission from your landlords
  • Complete the legal paperwork

If you swap homes without permission or without the necessary documents, you will both be at risk of eviction.

Mutual House Exchange: Conditions For Approval Or Grounds Of Refusal

Approval Conditions

Conditions of approval start with your landlord. You have to find out what type of tenancy agreement you have to determine if you are allowed to house swap.

Bear in mind the place you’re looking to exchange with has to suit your needs. For example, a Landlord may not agree to the home swap if you will be overcrowded in your new home or if you will have more than one spare bedroom.

You may also need a clear rent account when you are ready to swap your home.

To avoid disappointment, always check with your landlord first to see if you have the right to mutual exchange before you start looking to move.

Grounds Of Refusal

There are, by law, 11 grounds on which the Local Authority or Housing Association can withhold or refuse consent to a mutual house exchange:

  1. There is a Possession Order on the property.
  2. A Notice of Seeking Possession has been served.
  • The tenant or any member of his household has behaved in an anti-social way. Actions include possession proceedings, injunctions, anti-social behaviour orders, or a demotion order against them that are in place or are being sought.
  1. The property is too big for the family
  2. The property is not big enough for the family wishing to move into it.
  3. The property is tied to accommodation.
  4. The landlord is a charity. The proposed new tenants moving into the property would conflict with the objects of the charity.
  5. The property has special features that make it suitable for occupation by a physically disabled person who needs it and if the exchange took place there would no longer be such a person living on the property.
  6. The landlord is a Housing Association or Housing Trust that lets properties to particularly vulnerable people and if the exchange took place there would no longer be such a person living in the property.
  7. The property is supported housing for people with special needs and if the exchange took place there would no longer be such a person living on the property.
  8. The property is the subject of a management agreement where the manager is a Housing Association and there are specific arrangements in place that the proposed new tenant is not willing to participate in.

How Do I Sign Up For A Mutual House Exchange?

Registration is quick, easy and free of charge for Accent Housing residents. Simply visit the House Exchange website and submit your registration online. We receive a notification of your registration direct from House Exchange.

Get In Touch

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