Housing Association Properties In Gateshead

Properties from a housing association are very appealing to those on a budget. They are also a great option for residents that don’t trust the insecurity of renting from private landlords.

Housing associations like Accent Housing are non-for-profit organisations that provide residents with safe, quality, and affordable homes. Whether that be for rental purposes or getting on the property ladder.

Housing associations are typically for residents with low income who need additional support when it comes to owning/renting their own home. Renting a home from a housing association is a luxury, due to high demand properties aren’t always easy to get.

The appeal of renting from a housing association points in the direction of security that you don’t often get from a private landlord. In this Accent Housing blog, we are going to discuss what is a housing association, how to rent from one and what it’s like to live in the area of Gateshead.

What Is A Housing Association?

Housing Associations are not-for-profit organisations that own, let, and manage affordable rental housing. They are generally cheaper than privately rented housing and usually provides a long-term stable tenancy.

The accommodation provided by Housing Associations is sometimes also referred to as social housing, which is often mistaken to mean the same as council housing.

Who Can Rent A Home From A Housing Association?

There used to be and still is a misconception about who can and who can’t rent from a non-for-profit organisation like Accent Housing. The misconception was it was only for people on a certain low-income but that isn’t the case.

A Housing Association is for anyone. Due to the rapid increase of homes throughout the UK, especially in cities, Accent Housing now has people of all walks of life looking for a home to rent.

Because of the price increase, housing association homes are an attractive choice for many people. For more information on how we allocate homes, see our Allocations and Lettings Policy.

How Do I Rent From A Housing Association?

Renting a home from Accent Housing is straightforward, you have two avenues to go down. The first being applying directly on our website, or go through your local council’s choice-based letting scheme where you can bid at will which homes, you’re interested in.

Here at Accent Housing, we offer our rental properties both ways, but many of our homes are available through Choice Based letting schemes.

What Is It Like To Live In Gateshead?

Gateshead is a great place to call home, whether you’re a couple, family or over 55’s. The reason I say that which such authority is because of the low level of crime, you will certainly feel safe and at home in the area.

Gateshead is home to some of the nicest green neighbourhoods in the surrounding areas. Besides the appealing environment and the affordable homes, the location is ideal. A close distance away from wherever your home is in Gateshead, you will be close to shops, pubs, and restaurants.

Situated in the Northeast of England, Gateshead and the surrounding areas such as Newcastle, Durham and Sunderland offer lots of potentials if you needed to commute for work. With the MetroCentre being the second largest shopping centre in the UK and Team Valley trading estate it offers a lot of opportunities when it comes to working.

Besides work, you will be pleased to know Gateshead has plenty to do. From the world-famous Angel Of The North to the MetroCentre shopping mall and numerous country/forest walks you have something for everyone in the family.

Am I Eligible Through Accent Housing?

If you would like to rent a housing association property in Gateshead or one of the surrounding areas, you must meet the criteria to be considered eligible.

Gateshead is a great place to call home, that’s why the demand for affordable housing far outweighs the number of homes available. Here is just a handful of the criteria you must meet to be considered:

  • Must be 18+ years old
  • Must not be subject to immigration control
  • Must not be a property owner or have the financial resources to purchase or privately rent a suitable property
  • Must not have deliberately worsened their circumstances intending to secure social housing
  • Must not have housing-related debts or be guilty of anti-social or illegal behaviour

To view the full list of criteria, please get in touch with Accent Housing.

Get In Touch

You can read much more about Accent, who we are and what we do on our website. If you have any further questions about renting or buying a home with us, please contact us.

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