How are we performing Repairs & Maintenance

Striving to provide a top rate repairs and maintenance service

  • We completed repairs in an average of 12 days (compared to 9 last year).
  • We fixed 78% of repairs the first time we visited (compared to 89% last year).
  • We kept 96% of repair appointments (compared to 89% last year).
  • 87% of you were satisfied with your repairs (same as last year).

In 2017, we launched five new regional repair contracts designed to improve the quality and value of your repairs service. In some areas, we know you have not been happy with the service, and we are working hard to put it right. Repairs are your top priority – and they are ours too. This year we have started to see our performance improve, but we are still keeping a very close eye on how we are doing and we will make changes if the problems continue. Please bear with us, we’ll get it sorted.

We invest in your homes so you can be proud to live in them

  • We invested £37 million on your repairs and maintenance service (£8 million more than last year).
  • We invested £10 million on improving your homes by fitting 2,900 kitchens, bathrooms, windows, doors, boilers, radiators and electrical systems.
  • We will invest another £2.8 million on fitting 209 bathrooms, 295 heat source and heating systems, 196 kitchens, 144 windows and doors and three roofs in 2019/20.
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