Customer Satisfaction Customer Satisfaction

We know that customer satisfaction has not been as high as we would like in some areas so we’ve invested in new tools to help us analyse the feedback we’ve been getting. As a result, we’re already working on some improvements based on what customers have told us:


  • A more streamlined service for arranging appointments. You will have access to a live calendar with which appointment slots are available.
  • Confirmation of appointments by email or text message and updates to let you know when the operative is on the way.
  • If you tell us you are unhappy with a repair by means of the automated survey that follows, we’ll aim to call you back within 24 hours to find out why and what we can do to fix it.
  • If a member of staff visits your property and notices that something needs to be repaired, we can request the repair and make appointments with you there and then. 

Estates Services

  • A group of residents known as the National Scrutiny Group carried out an independent investigation into how this service could be improved. You can read more about their recommendations here.
  • We will promote the specification to make it clear what work should be carried out and when, so you can make sure you are getting the service you are paying for.
  • We have appointed resident ‘green inspectors’ on our larger estate to help keep an eye on how are our grounds maintenance contractors are performing.
  • We are moving away from the ‘one size fits all’ approach. Our estates are landscaped in different ways, so we may need to be more flexible with how the grounds maintenance is delivered.

Contact Centre

  • We have begun to automate some of the repetitive tasks (like changing Direct Debits) typically carried out by our Contact Centre, so we have more capacity to handle calls.
  • Repairs raised online will go straight through to our contractors without any intervention from our Contact Centre. You’ll also be able to update your contact details and preferences online, without having to call us.
  • Our calls are monitored by Quality Coaches who provide advice and guidance to our Customer Service Advisors as to how we can best meet your needs.


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