Star Survey 1
Survey of Tenants & Residents (STAR)

Accent carries out a Survey of Tenants & Residents (STAR) every year to monitor our performance across the full range of services that we provide, from satisfaction with repairs and maintenance to satisfaction that your rent provides value for money.

Unfortunately it is not possible to survey every resident, as we still rely on post to contact residents who do not have an email address – but we are pleased to report that over 3000 residents took part in the survey in 2016/17 which is more than have taken part than ever before.

In the past, we have used another company to carry out the survey for us. In the interest of Value for Money, we decided to carry out the survey in-house this year. We have found that this not only saved us money, but generated a higher response rate and provided us with more meaningful results.

We found that 81% of residents are satisfied with overall services provided by Accent, which matches the level we achieved last year. However, we appreciate that there is scope for improvement and we intend to work on the following subjects to increase satisfaction in future years:

  • 19% of residents were dissatisfied that Accent listens to their views and acts upon them. We will be carrying out further consultation with these residents to find out why they feel this way and what we could do to demonstrate their opinions matters to us. We hope to engage these residents by inviting them to join the Accent 500.

  • 20% of residents were dissatisfied that their service charge provides value for money. We will be inviting residents to take part in further consultations to find out what aspect of the services they receive they are unhappy with. Their views will help us to monitor our contractors' performance, and will hopefully lead to improvements in the appearance of our estates in terms of gardening, cleaning and caretaking. If you would like to be involved in scruinising the standard of these services, you could apply to become a 'mystery shopper'. 

  • 18% of residents do not read our quarterly newsletter. We will be carrying out further consultation with these residents to find out why they feel the newsletter is irrelevant or uninteresting to them, and whether we could save money by only providing residents with news and information which is tailored to their interests and preferences.

  • 56% of residents stated that they would be willing to communicate with Accent online rather than over the telephone. If we can save money by engaging with these customers through their preferred communication channel we can reinvest savings into other aspects of our services.  

The information that STAR has provided us with will be useful for a whole host of other reasons – more than can be listed here. If you were not invited to take part in STAR this year, please provide us with your email address by calling our Contact Centre on 0345 678 0555 and we will be in touch next year.