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Repairs & Maintenance Procurement (RAMP)

Our repairs and maintenance service is accessed by all residents renting one of our homes. As such, it’s important that we get it right and make it work for you. In the 2016 Survey of Tenants & Residents, 55% of you said that it was your top priority.

As part of the procurement process, we considered making some changes to the way in which we deliver our repairs and maintenance service, to make it fairer and more efficient. We consulted with all our general needs residents to find out what they thought about our proposals. 

  • Our proposal: There should be one lettings standard across Accent Housing. This means that regardless of where you live, your property will be let in the same condition. 

    Our findings: 95% of the residents agreed with our proposal. 

  • Our proposal: We think our repairs appointments slots should be simple. We are proposing a simple AM/PM appointment approach each day, Monday through to Friday.

    Our findings: 89% of residents agreed with our proposals.

  • Our proposal: There should be two repair priorities: emergency and all other repairs. By nature, emergency repairs will not have a slot allocated – we will divert engineers to respond to emergencies within 4 hours. We will aim to complete all other repairs within an average of 6 days. 

    Our findings: 89% of residents agreed with this service standard.