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The aim of this survey was to determine new residents’ satisfaction with our lettings and allocations process and to better understand prospective residents’ perceptions of Accent as a landlord. The survey revealed: 


  • In 22% of cases, new residents had come to Accent because we had been recommended by a friend or relative. This suggests that Accent could make better use of ‘refer a friend’ schemes.

  • Prospective residents tended to search for a suitable property, rather than a suitable landlord, which helps to explain why Gumtree is currently a more popular application source than our website and our printed publications. It could also indicate that prospective residents are unfamiliar with our brand.

  • Prospective residents tended to have the perception that Accent only let flats, because this was the type of property that was most commonly available and advertised. We need to promote a variety of different properties to make our offer seem more attractive.

  • In almost all cases, residents were satisfied with the way in which their application was handled. However, the survey revealed that in some cases, we were still relying on post to communicate with prospective residents even if they had expressed a preference for communication by email. This may be slowing down the applications process.