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In an attempt to better understand the reasons why residents choose to terminate their tenancies, we attempted to contact over 800 former residents to ask them more about their reasons for leaving. The survey revealed:


  • That most residents chose to end their tenancy for reasons that are outside of Accent’s control, such as medical and health reasons, or because their families had grown. However, a significant number of residents chose to end their tenancy for reasons that Accent did have influence over, such as anti-social behaviour; specifically noise nuisance.

  • Residents, even those who had indicated that they ‘aspired to live in better neighbourhoods,’ tended not to move very far from their previous addresses suggesting that their reasons for leaving are more to do with the suitability of the properties than the suitability of the locations in which they are situated.

  • That former residents generally had a positive view of Accent and were likely to recommend Accent as a landlord, suggesting that Accent could make use of ‘refer a friend’ schemes.