Who is The Hub for?

The surveys, polls and consultations you can take part in by means of The Hub are aimed at current Accent residents. This includes people who rent a home from us as well as people who own, or partly own, a home built by us. We will invite you to take part in surveys and consultations which are likely to be of particular interest to you as an individual and alert you when there are new activities to take part in.

There may also occasionally be activities which former residents or prospective residents can take part in – or surveys which are open to the wider public.

Why should residents use The Hub?

At Accent our aim is to provide a personal, modern and better service to you as residents. In order to understand what is important to residents we need to consult with as many people as possible on a regular basis. By taking part in surveys and polls on The Hub you can help to shape and influence service delivery at Accent and be involved in decision-making processes.

How often will The Hub be updated?

We will update the activities you can take part in as and when it is necessary to do so. We will alert you when new activities become available, if they are likely to be of interest to you. We will give you a reasonable amount of time to take part in surveys and consultations to ensure we capture as many views as possible.

 Can I join any groups?

As well as the Accent 500 (a collective of 500 Accent residents who we consult with on a regular basis, principally online), we may have vacancies on our other Panels. The Accent Residents’ Panel and the Compliance & Scrutiny Committees offer a more formal and structured approach to resident engagement. You can find out more on our ‘Groups’ page.

Is it anonymous?

You can take part in many of the surveys and consultations available on The Hub anonymously if wish to do so. However, some surveys will require you to volunteer some information about yourself. For instance, if you make us aware that there is a problem in your neighbourhood - we won't be able to help you unless we know where you live.

Your survey responses will be treated as confidential, meaning that they will only be seen by the staff who administrate the website – so your views will not be shared with any other staff unless you ask us to do so, or it is otherwise stated in the survey.