Customer Experience Committee

Our Customer Experience Committee is a formal committee of the Accent Group Board, who review the performance and service delivery of all housing and customer services.

The Customer Experience Committee will look at all aspects of service delivery across the whole of Accent and will monitor performance at a strategic level. They will have close links with the National Scrutiny Group.

The Customer Experience Committee is comprised of residents and professionals with specialist knowledge in each of the services that Accent provides.

You do not need to have had any experience of resident involvement in order to serve on the Customer Experience Committee, but you do need to have certain skills and aptitudes. For this reason, you have to apply to join the Customer Experience Committee.

Training opportunities are provided and, as with any form of resident engagement, Accent will reimburse all reasonable expenses incurred including travel to and from any meetings or events that you attend.

To enquire about vacancies on the Customer Experience Committee, please complete the form below.

Unfortunately we do not have any vacancies on the Customer Experience Committee at this time. Please check again soon.