Compliance & Scrutiny Committee

Our Compliance & Scrutiny Committee works alongside our main Board to make sure that Accent operates in a fair manner, complies with regulatory standards and upholds the interests of all stakeholders (including Accent’s residents).

There are five regional CSCs, each with up to nine members. Each CSC has a quota of independent members, with a minimum of two Accent residents. As certain skills are required to serve on the CSC, you have to apply to join.

Each CSC meets four times a year to monitor and review Accent’s performance. There may be up to four other meetings or events in the calendar year, as well as training events where applicable. In addition, members will be expected to attend an annual two day Board & Committee Conference.

The main duties of the CSC are to oversee compliance with the HCA’s Consumer Standards, oversee and facilitate scrutiny reviews and monitor local area performance.

As with any form of resident engagement Accent will reimburse all reasonable expenses incurred including travel to and from any meetings or events that you attend.

To enquire about resident vacancies on your regional CSC, please complete the form below.

Apply to become part of your Regional CSC