Accent Residents' Panel

Accent Residents' Panel works alongside our main Board and our other committees to monitor Accent’s performance on a broader, strategic level. The ARP also serves as a sounding board for the main Board on policy and operational issues.

No previous experience or skills are required to join the ARP, but some personal qualities are necessary such as respectfulness, commitment and objectivity. Training will be provided by Accent as and when required.

The ARP should contain residents from across each of the five regions in which Accent operates. In order to make sure that each region is adequately represented at meetings, resident members from the Compliance & Scrutiny Committees will usually serve on the ARP as well.

As with any form of resident engagement Accent will reimburse all reasonable expenses incurred including travel to and from any meetings or events that you attend.

To enquire about resident vacancies on the ARP, please contact complete the form below. 

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