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Report Anti-Social Behaviour


Anti-social behaviour includes noise, nuisance, annoying behaviour, intimidation, anything illegal, using our homes for unlawful purposes, vandalism and litter dumping.

If the enjoyment of your home and community is put at risk by anti-social behaviour, we will work with you and other agencies, like the police, to stop it. We investigate all reports that are made, and consider all the practical and legal action we can take. If the threat involves harm, the threat of harm or other harassment, we will act on it as soon as possible, certainly within 24 hours.

We have a number of ways in which we try to resolve anti-social behaviour. We interview victims and the person causing the anti-social behaviour, provide mediation for the parties involved, and collect and record evidence to build cases. The penalties for the people responsible are severe and could result in them losing their homes.

For more information on anti-social behaviour, please see your tenancy handbook and our policy statement for dealing with anti-social behaviour.

If your enjoyment of your home and community is being affected by anti-social behaviour, please don’t suffer in silence. Use the form below to report it to us.

Report anti-social behaviour