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As the demands and needs of Accent residents’ change, so does our business and our services, but our residents are always at the heart of what we do. Talking to our residents and understanding what is important to them is a critical part of improving our services. 

In each region, staff will work to a local plan for engaging with residents and addressing local issues. We have a range of opportunities for residents to engage with us in ways which suit them best,and let them make a time commitment which suits their circumstances. You can find out more about these in our resident engagement strategy. If you want to engage with us to help improve services in any of the following ways, please contact your regional customer contact centre.


All our teams will use consultation to make sure residents are given choices in the services they receive, for example in agreeing planned investments or service charges.  We also use focus groups and online, text, postal and telephone surveys to collect the views of residents when we are reviewing the quality of service delivery. We will also continue to use surveys to assess the satisfaction of our residents with our overall service delivery, and to identify their priorities for service improvements.


On many of our schemes and estates, we have local residents’ groups and associations, which help to make service improvements for their residents and their local communities.


Each of our regional offices has arrangements for residents to scrutinise our performance and the quality of our service delivery. This could include involvement in a regional residents’ forum or panel, taking part in mystery shopping or in service reviews.


The Accent Residents' Panel is made up of residents from across all our areas of operation. The panel meets four times a year to review performance, budgets and the association’s business plan. The panel has instigated group-wide reviews across a number of service areas, (most recently complaints), which have led to significant improvements and greater consistency of service quality.


At the highest level, our residents can become board and committee members to influence strategic business decisions.


Our five customer service committees, (one in each of our main regions), are made up of at least 1/3 of residents. The role of each committee is to firmly focus on our customers’ needs by scrutinising and monitoring performance. If you would like to talk to us about what is involved in becoming a committee member, please contact your housing officer or ring through to your local contact centre.


Our first Accent Board resident board member, who is also chair of the Yorkshire and Humberside Customer Service Committee, was appointed last year.


We use Twitter to share news and information that we think our residents will find useful. We use Facebook to encourage community feedback and gather collective thoughts, host surveys and share news stories and photos from local events. If you want to join our Facebook community or follow us on Twitter you can find the details on our contact us page.