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Customer Publications


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A guide to being a considerate neighbour.

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Our Customer Service Guarantee

Our Personal, Modern and Better service

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Rechargeable Repairs

Our rechargeable repairs policy helps us make sure we make the most of the money we have available to invest in your homes and services.

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Safeguarding vulnerable residents

We take the safety and well being of everyone who lives in our homes, or uses our services, very seriously.

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Tenancy Fraud

A guide to how it affects Accent and our residents.

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The Cost Of Running A Home

A guide to budgeting

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Universal Credit - who can claim it?

A leaflet which answers some of the frequently asked questions about Universal Credit, including; who can claim Universal Credit, how Universal Credit is paid and how to make a claim...

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Water Hygiene

A leaflet about the risks of contracting Legionnaires’ disease and how to lower the risk.

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Ways To Pay Your Rent and Service Charge

A guide to the different ways to pay your rent and service charge.

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Your personal information – Resident Edition

At Accent resident we take the privacy of our residents very seriously. This booklet explains what information we hold and how it might be used.

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