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Open and Honest

Delivering value for money, and being open and honest about how we do it, is a very important part of our business. Here, you can find information on the way we conduct our day-to-day business and how we spend some of our money. The details include:

  • Our Value for Money Self Assessments for for the last three years. 
  • Our Annual Report and Audited Accounts for the last two years.
  • Board members and staff salaries by job title and ‘salary band’.
  • How we perform as a business.    


Our Strategic Approach to Value for Money

Our strategy for driving value for money throughout our organisation is to 'achieve more with less' by delivering top performance without providing services at high costs. This is best demonstrated by our value for money theme ‘theme’ for each year. The themes enable our staff to identify with the strategy and understand how they contribute on a daily basis. Our assessments for the last three years can be viewed and downloaded below.

The regulator’s value for money standard is: "Registered providers shall articulate and deliver a comprehensive approach to achieving value for money in meeting their objectives, taking into account the interests of and commitments to stakeholders. This means managing their resources economically, efficiently and effectively to provide quality services and homes, and planning for and delivering year on year improvements in value for money”. Our self-assessment covers Accent Group and all our subsidiaries.  


Our 31 March 2015 group accounts were signed at our AGM on 26 June 2015, Our position continues to strengthen with a surplus of £13.1M in 2014/15, compared to £1.5M in 2013/14. Our accounts for both years can be viewed and downloaded below. 

Our audited accounts were approved at our June AGM. Our process has been more efficient and streamlined this year, resulting from a simplified organisational structure and our new ‘personal, modern and better’ customer service offer. We have also made significant savings of around 10% in audit fees which will be reinvested back into our customer services. If there is anything in the accounts you would like more details on, please contact us


The Freedom of Information Act does not apply to Accent, but we want to be accountable for our actions. We want to give you the chance to see how we conduct our business and challenge us on anything you think is expensive, unreasonable or unnecessary.

We will consider requests for information that is not shown on this, or other pages, but we have the right to refuse to share information that we feel, for instance, puts our business at risk, concerns legal matters, or that puts us in breach of the Data Protection Act.

In sharing other information, except when we are legally obliged to do so, we will consider whether we think:

  • The information shared is actually useful to the person requesting it. 
  • Value for money – if the cost of supplying the information is justified.  
  • Whether the information is sensitive to the business or any individual. 

The final decision as to whether a piece of information is shared or not rests with the executive team or the appropriate customer services committee.

We are governed by the Data Protection Act, which may limit the information we can share in some circumstances.


These items are published on this page as links. By clicking on these, you will be re-directed to where this information is stored on our website for you to view and download. 


Our company and society rules are currently being updated and are not available to download from our website. If you would like copies of any of them, please contact us on 0345 678 0555.

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