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New Board and Committee Structure

Tom Miskell (1)Following an independent review of our governance structure, and proposals for a new structure to deliver our new and ambitious corporate strategy, we have redefined the roles and responsibilities of our board and committees, and appointed a number of new non-executives.

The review of our governance arrangements, has resulted in the creation of three new, specialised committees, serving our customers and overseeing our capital investment and treasury activities, and the redefinition of our other committees overseeing our key business areas of risk, health and safety, and audit.

We began our search for new members in the summer, looking inside and outside the housing sector to make sure we attracted the level of skills and quality of experience we needed. We received over 120 applications, and have since made a number of appointments.

The new appointments, together with the strengthening of our structure, will now enable us to meet the prime objectives of our corporate strategy; to source additional funding of over £200M to build around 2,000 new homes over the next five years, and to provide a new, enhanced service offer to customers.

Ensuring the success of these two key objectives will be our new capital investment committee, which will also ensure adequate investment in our existing homes, a new treasury committee, and a new customer experience committee. Ensuring good governance in our key areas of risk, health and safety and audit, is our redefined audit and risk committee.

One of the critical new appointments to the Accent Board, and the customer experience committee, is a long standing Accent resident with a wealth of governance experience, who came through the recruitment process.

Speaking about our new governance, our Chair Tom Miskell said: “We are delighted with our new governance arrangements, and with the wealth of new skills and experience our new members are bringing to the Accent Board and our committees. Over the coming months, I am really looking forward to working with our new and existing members to deliver our new framework, and our key objectives around fantastic service, new homes, investment and borrowings, which will help us make our mark in responding to the housing crisis, and ensure we remain a caring, ambitious and innovative organisation with our customers at the heart of everything we do."

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