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Universal Credit Claim Support for New Resident

UC MainA new resident required extra help before she could fully settle into her new home.

*Rosie had a range of complex support needs, facing both physical and mental health challenges. Escaping domestic abuse, Rosie desperately needed re-housing in a new area. Having found her a home to move into, we referred her to Accent Tenancy Sustainability Officer, Naheed.

Unfortunately, the move from one location to another had triggered a Universal Credit Claim, something which was very unsettling and confusing for Rosie. Naheed provided much needed reassurance, taking her through the Universal Credit portal and checking on Rosie’s financial situation. The worry of debt and losing her home would only add to her struggles and indeed the account did fall into arrears for a short period. However, with Naheed’s guidance Rosie was able to navigate the new benefits system and understand how she could manage her finances going forward.

Rosie’s rent account is now totally debt free and as a result she has been able to focus on redecorating her home. It has been rewarding work for Naheed as she was able to help Rosie to make the new start she desperately needed.

If you need advice and guidance for Universal Credit please visit our Money Matters page or get in touch via our Contact Centre 0345 678 0555 for a referral.

*Name changed to protect resident's identity