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Checking Affordability – Why We Ask for Rent Upfront

AffordablerentRenting a home can be an expensive business in the private sector, once a property bond has been paid and perhaps an admin fee added, there is already a squeeze on your finances before the rent payment itself.

At Accent Housing, a socially responsible landlord, we offer a much more secure way to rent a home. We will never ask you for a bond payment and there won’t be an administration charge for acquiring the property. Another significant difference between a privately and socially rented property is with the repairs service. In a private rental agreement, response to a repair depends on the landlords’ accessibility and willingness to maintain the property. With all Accent homes, you will receive a repair service which is available for emergencies 24 hours a day.

So with all these benefits attached to renting a home with us, why do we appear to spoil it by asking you for a rent payment upfront? The key thing to mention is that this is for payment of your rent, not an additional charge. The reason for asking for this - on the day you sign your tenancy agreement - is to ensure your rent is paid on time from the first day of tenancy. Just like a supermarket wouldn’t allow you to shop and pay for your food later, we need to ensure you have the means to pay the rent from the start because we don’t want your tenancy to fail.

To summarise, the advanced payment of rent does exactly that, it pays the first rent from the start of the tenancy.

If you have any further queries regarding the rent advance payment, please discuss this with your Housing Officer before signing your tenancy agreement.