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Surrey Choices Assisted Gardening Scheme

GardeningschemeOver the past six months, we have been working with an organisation called Surrey Choices, who have been helping us maintain gardens for our residents.

They are currently working with 30 of our residents and the feedback we have received has been very positive.

Surrey Choices provide a range of support services dedicated to improving the independence, confidence and life skills of people with a range of disabilities and support needs in their local community.

We have been working specifically with the growth team, who were established 20 years to help maintain Surrey countywide and public spaces. Their work has included managing two local reserves and clearing hundreds of trees and unwanted vegetation to create large wildflower meadow and forest clearings.

Due to the success of our partnership, we are now looking to involve Surrey Choices in larger projects, which will include work to tidy up the gardens and communal areas on some of our larger schemes.  When these areas have been tidied up, we will be working with other residents to help improve their gardens and communal areas.

If you live in Surrey, and you would like to find out more about the services available from Surrey Choices, please contact us