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Helping a resident cope with a change in circumstances

ChangeOur Tenancy Sustainability teams offer support to residents in need of some extra help. A change in circumstances can affect people’s fortunes in an instant, which is what happened to Mary* when she sadly lost her husband.

Following her husband’s death Mary found her income significantly changed and as a result her rent account became in arrears. This accumulating debt was seriously putting her home at risk which would have been disastrous for Mary whilst coming terms with life without her partner.

Mary’s case was referred to one of our Tenancy Sustainability Officers (TSO) Sandrine, who quickly applied for funding to help clear Mary’s arrears. The application was successful and Mary was awarded £500 from Frimley Fuel Charity.

Sandrine also helped Mary with an application for a Bereavement Support Payment, which again was successful. The amount awarded was £3,500 with 18 monthly payments of £350. This made a significant difference to Mary, giving her the lifeline she needed. 

*Resident’s name has been changed to protect identity