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Annual Performance Report 2016-17

If you'd like to translate the script from the film we've included the words below:


2016/17 has been an exciting time for Accent as we made significant progress on our vision of “Making a difference, improving homes, communities and lives”.

  • We consolidated our 3 housing associations into 1, to form Accent Housing. This made us more efficient and enabled us to invest more money in improving our services. 
  • We also improved our rent collection performance, and recorded our lowest ever level of rent arrears, keeping our G1 and V1 ratings from our regulators the HCA.
  • We were awarded a grant of £41.4 million to build over 1400 new homes up to 2020.
  • We also launched our new national contact centre and 40% more customers asked for help from our tenancy support service. 
  • In April 2017, following Gordon Perry’s retirement we welcomed our new Chief Executive, Paul Dolan.

Improving homes

Improving the quality of our customers’ homes has been a top priority for us.


  • We spent over £23.7m on our repairs and maintenance service to keep your homes in good repair. 
  • We spent £11.1m on our Planned Maintenance Programme, replacing 850 kitchens, 720 bathrooms, 1000 heat sources and 175 heating systems.
  • We also made over 630 adaptations to your homes, spending over £440,000.


  • We exceeded our target for first time repairs and reduced the time it took to complete them. 
  • We kept a high % of our repair appointments improving our performance compared to last year.
  • A higher percentage of you were satisfied with our repairs service this year. 
  • By the end of the year we only had 183 empty homes, this is our lowest level for 10 years.

Improving Communities

We strive each year to improve the communities you live in.

  • This year we invested £6.8m in building new homes to help tackle the national Housing Crisis.
  • We are also working hard to reduce anti-social behaviour, 87.8% of you were happy with how we handled your case, this is slightly down on last year’s figure.
  • We resolved 77% of formal complaints within our set timescale, compared to 55% last year, and only just below our target of 80%. 
  • Fewer customers left us compared to previous years, the money we save from this can then be invested into improving your homes and communities.

Improving Lives

We helped to support many customers in the past year.

  • We provided new homes for over 1,700 households.
  • Through our Tenancy Support Service we were able to help 1649 customers whilst also securing over £209,000 of additional funding.
  • We helped reduce customers’ personal debt by £164,000.
  • Our new Independent Living Service provided extra support to over 60 customers enabling them to stay in their homes, and remain independent.

Our future priorities for improving your services

In the coming year we will continue to look at ways we can improve our services. In particular we will:

Review and improve our independent living service, launch and online lettings and allocation service, improve the Accent customer portal, improve communications and customer service with Accent Connect and launch a new repairs and maintenance service.