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Why Independent Living shouldn’t mean living alone

IndependentlivingResearch suggests that social isolation – particularly for those aged 50+ - can impact a person’s longevity and zest for life.

The idea of Independent Living is to support a person through retirement to live a comfortable and fulfilling life. Research from Care & Repair England reports that most older people are currently owner occupiers, continuing to reside in their existing home. Whilst often the preferred choice, changing circumstances and ill-health can easily threaten this. Unsuitable housing increases the risk of falls which impacts on health and leads to otherwise avoidable hospital admissions.

Finding the right home for Independent Living

Purpose-built residential schemes are designed to reduce the risks of falls and injury but they also offer so much more. The desire to live independently as long as possible can be fulfilled by finding the right location and situation. Even before such things are needed, the assurance of an emergency contact, proximity to people and future-proofed room layouts allows for change to happen without the need to uproot when they do.          

It is important to find the right scheme to ensure compatibility, so research is fully encouraged.

Why Independent Living shouldn’t mean living alone

An additional benefit to being housed within an Independent Living scheme is the opportunity to join a community. As alluded to earlier, we know that social isolation isn’t good for health. What works well with Independent Living schemes, is that everyone has their own space but with access to a social life. This is a serious benefit when you read the research from Age UK which says that two fifths of all older people (about 3.9 million) say the television is their main company.

The message is clear! Being sociable is good for health and longer-life!

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