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New contracts for Accent

ContactsWe are in the process of replacing our existing contractors for the following services:

  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Cleaning & Window Cleaning
  • Passenger Lift Servicing, Repair 
  • Passenger Lifts Installation & Replacements
  • Stair-lift Servicing, Repair & Replacements
  • Warden Call Monitoring
  • Warden Call Maintenance
  • Fire Safety Management
  • Water Hygiene Management

This is a major piece of work for Accent and we have engaged with our residents via the Accent Hub and our compliance and scrutiny committees to ensure they have influenced how these services will be delivered in the future.

We are now coming to the end of this process and are currently consulting with our homeowners. We would appreciate any comments our homeowners send us.

We will be working with the following contractors, subject to the legal requirements of procurement legislation:

Repairs and Maintenance – specific to each region

  • Accent East: MD Group
  • Accent North East: Esh
  • Accent North West: Mears
  • Accent South: MD Group
  • Accent Yorkshire: Ian Williams

Grounds Maintenance – specific to each region

  • Accent East: Malc Firth
  • Accent North East: Malc Firth
  • Accent North West: Greenfingers
  • Accent South: Lotus
  • Accent Yorkshire: Greenfingers

Cleaning & Window Cleaning – specific to each region

  • Accent East: Ideal Cleaning
  • Accent North East: Ideal Cleaning
  • Accent North West: Pinnacle Cleaning
  • Accent South: Monitor Cleaning
  • Accent Yorkshire: Ideal Cleaning

Passenger Lift Servicing, Repair – all regions:

Rubax Lifts

Passenger Lifts Installation & refurbishments – all regions:

Temple Lifts

Stair-lift Servicing, Repair & Replacement will be national contracts.

We are working with our partner procurement organisation, Procurement for All, to access new contracts for these works.

Warden Call Monitoring – all regions:


Warden Call Maintenance – all regions:

Tunstall Healthcare Ltd

Fire Safety Management – all regions:

Tunstall Healthcare Ltd

Water Hygiene Management will be a national contract.

We are working with Procurement for All to access this new contract.

As part of the mobilisation of some of these contracts, through the Accent Hub and some scheme events, we will be asking residents to work with us and the new contractors to establish how we want to work and how residents can influence the service. Please look out for more information on our website, in our newsletters and on the Accent Hub

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