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Helping to make Dyke House Beautiful

DykehouseWe are helping Hartlepool charity The Wharton Trust with its ‘Let’s Make Dyke House Beautiful’ project. 

The aim of the project, which is supported by the trust and the Dyke House Big Local Partnership, is to encourage local people to help make their area look better. The trust has found that when people are involved in making change and start leading, they maintain their efforts and make great community relationships along the way.

The trust has been delighted with the local support it has received, which includes other housing associations and local businesses.

At the recent ‘Helping Hands' day, volunteers of all ages from the local community, the Church of Latter Day Saints, Accent, Greenfingers Gardening and The Trust worked in five areas across Dyke House weeding, clearing paths, planting, digging and litter picking. On Millbank Road, the children who helped to litter pick were presented with a ticket to the charity’s Easter disco for their hard work.

Teresa Driver, Youth and Community Co-ordinator said “I am amazed by the amount of goodwill and generosity there is locally and nationally. Local business like Accent have supported us, we’ve had donations of seeds and lots and lots of people have just given things like tubs and bags of compost. On Allerton Close, Accent supported us with the loan of time from their gardening contractor Greenfingers. We had around 25 people in total helping and they made a huge difference to the look of the area. I would like to thank everyone for their help.”

Accent Tenancy Sustainability Manager Jan Welsh said “We are delighted to get be able to support the Wharton Trust and get involved with such a great scheme which really does benefit the local community. Events like this provide so much more than just a single event, they can create pride and a feeling of worth and the friendships created can last a lifetime. Well done to all the volunteers”.

The For more information on the project, contact Teresa Driver at The Wharton Trust on 01429 866095, email info@whartontrust.org.uk

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