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New Repairs and Maintenance Procurement

We are currently re-procuring a new repairs and maintenance contract known within Accent as RAMP.

The new contract will replace the existing contracts we have across our regions and aims to bring consistency to the service we deliver to our residents.

The new contract will mean a new way of working for us and will be priced on. 

  • Price per property for repairs.
  • Price per void.
  • Price per property type for planned works.

This moves us away from schedule of rates and repairs having to be individually priced. It will save time and effort in our contact centre and contract management teams.

Why are we doing this?

The new contract will help us deliver a better, value for money service. It will mean we reduce the number of contractors we use so we can deliver improved services and maintain our homes more efficiently and effectively. The service will be more consistent and we can monitor quality more effectively. We can make sure we invest in the right assets at the right time and save money by buying our own materials. 

We will continue to deliver services on a regional basis, but this does not stop a contractor from bidding for all five regions (as contracts are regionally based). We will also have revised service standards:

  • One void standard across Accent.
  • Am/pm appointment slots for repairs Monday to Friday.
  • Two repair priorities, emergency and all other.
  • We will have contractor staff located in the contact centre and possibly within regional teams (this is yet to be decided).

What is happening next?

The tender documents are being produced and will be issued in October 2016. They include the pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) and the invitation to tender (ITT) which contractors will use to submit their bids.

Section 20 consultation with our leaseholders took place in August 2016 (stage 1) and stage 2 will be in November 2017. 

We are looking for feedback on the proposed changes to our repairs and maintenance service standards and we will be contacting residents directly by email and text over the next few days. Residents will also receive a link to a very short survey for giving us their views.