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AbodetenantsWe have let our first ever shared house for the under 35s in Burnley.

This type of accommodation offers an affordable furnished housing option for single people with a weekly rent and service charge of £99 (including council tax and utility costs).

We initially came up with the idea to enable young people affected by the introduction of the government’s shared accommodation rate, which will affect many housing association tenancies (aged under 35 and single) signed up after 1 April 2016.

The idea has developed further and we are now looking at the possibility of using shared housing to address the long term sustainability issues of a number of our two and three bedroom terrace properties which would be suitable for sharing. A further two properties are planned for within East Lancashire later this year.

Abode offers an assured shorthold shared tenancy which provides each individual person sharing with the most secure tenancy type available. It allows them to move individually without it affecting the household and for another individual tenant to move in, unlike traditional joint tenancies.

Tenancy Sustainability Manager Dawn Astin said: “Traditionally, properties like terraced houses can be difficult to let compared to other types of housing due to their size and the costs of running them.

In the past, we let these properties to single applicants, but with the introduction of the shared room rate for single people aged under 35, we have found that they are becoming more and more difficult to let and sustain.

With shared accommodation we can offer people a real opportunity to occupy an affordable home with the support to manage their tenancy if they need it”.

The property consists of a lounge, dining room, kitchen and bedrooms which have been fully furnished, ready for instant occupation. A future weekly inspection will ensure all shared areas and furnishings are clean and tidy and in good condition.

Applicants for the property, which we will advertise in local media and on lettings sites, must be aged between 25 -35 years of age. Before any offer of accommodation is made, applicants are interviewed by two housing managers and character references are requested. One month’s rent is also payable in advance.