With you for your journey…

Introducing Accent Housing

We are pleased to announce Accent Housing as our new housing association following the joining of Accent Nene, Accent Peerless and Accent Foundation.

From 8 August, Accent Housing is our single landlord, and the landlord of all residents.

We are in the process of writing to all our residents, stakeholders, partners and suppliers to inform them of the change. 

As one of our residents, there are no changes to your tenancy agreement, your rights and responsibilities, the service you receive or even the way you pay your rent, so you don’t have to do, or worry, about anything.

Technically, apart from the name, there are no changes to Accent. Accent Housing is still a charitable housing association. We are still regulated by the Homes and Communities Agency, and we will continue to serve our main purpose – to provide housing and housing services for people who need them.

Why have we done this?

We announced our plans on our website in February. Although Accent Foundation, Accent Nene and Accent Peerless have been working together operationally for three years, by joining them legally into one organisation, Accent Housing, we can improve the services we deliver to residents even more. We will provide better value for money and operate even more efficiently. We will have more resources to invest in residents' homes, and we will be able to build more badly needed new homes. All this comes without losing sight of who we are or changing the way we deliver services to residents. We need to make the absolute most of every opportunity available to secure the funds we need – and we will do this better as one Accent.

We will still operate in five regions:

  • Accent Housing (North West) - operating from Burnley.
  • Accent Housing (North East) - operating from Middlesbrough.
  • Accent Housing (South) - operating from Camberley.
  • Accent Housing (East) - opertaing from Peterborough.
  • Accent Housing (Yorkshire) - operating from Bradford. 

Accent Housing will do just what it says on the tin – provide homes for people who need them.

As an Accent Housing resident, the only change you will see is a good one – a new and improved Accent, but if you have any questions, please speak to your housing officer or ring through to our contact centre on 0345 678 0555.

If you are a partner, supplier or stakeholder with questions, please speak to your usual contact or ring us on 0345 678 0555.