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Personal, modern, better - consultation on the next steps

Proposal to change your landlord

In July 2013, we asked for your views on how your services would be provided in the future. Your feedback helped to shape our ‘Personal, Modern, Better’ service offer.

Your feedback welcomed the new service and it is working well, but there are further improvements we would like to make. To help us make them, we would like to legally merge our three separate housing associations; Accent Foundation, Accent Nene and Accent Peerless (or Accent South as it has become known), into one single landlord.

We want to share our plans to do this with you and are asking for your views. We are writing to all residents who are affected by our proposals and everyone will have the opportunity to feedback on our plans.

Our Proposals

We would like consolidate our three housing associations. This would mean Accent Nene and Accent Peerless (Accent South) would transfer their social housing homes and other assets to Accent Foundation Ltd. If the transfer is approved, Accent Foundation Ltd will become your new landlord.

Your new landlord will remain a charitable housing association and regulated in the same way by the Homes and Communities Agency.
Why are we proposing to do this?

We want to simplify the Accent group structure so that in future there will be one main housing association. This will help us to make our processes and decision making more straightforward and cost efficient and continue to improve your service.

We already operate as one housing organisation, so transferring the housing stock to Accent Foundation will not change how we deliver your services or affect you.

What effect will it have on you and your rights?

There will be no change to:

• The legal status of your tenancy. Your tenancy will remain the same.
• Your rights as a tenant.
• Any rent or service charge you pay or the way you pay it.
• The staff who manage your property.
• The services that you receive as set out in the terms of your tenancy.

As a tenant of Accent Nene and Accent Peerless (Accent South) you are entitled to be consulted on the proposal. Any responses received will be considered by the boards of both Accent Nene and Accent Peerless (Accent South) before they make their final decisions.
We would very much welcome your views and opinions on this possible transfer. If you wish to comment or have any questions, please return your survey in the pre-paid envelope provided when you receive it through the post,

Thank you.

Gordon Perry, Chief Executive