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Introducing our new Customer Contact Centre

ContactcentremainAfter several months of planning and investment, we finally opened the phone lines to our new customer contact centre in early December 2015. Based in our Shipley office, the new contact centre will enable us to improve the quality of services our residents can access, whilst also developing our digital service.
Staff were trained and recruited throughout the summer and autumn and they have now been joined by experienced customer advisors from our former contact centres in Bradford, Burnley and Camberley – we now have a great team ready to support our customers.
Our new contact centre served our customers well in early January, when we responded to our largest call volume in three years with over 7500 incoming calls, and over 4,000 outgoing calls.
Developing the quality of service we provide directly to our customers has been the main reason for bringing our contact centres together in one building. Our digital transformation is well underway too with services easy to access online and mobile working launching late last year.
We understand that a ‘quality’ service to most people means that their enquiry is dealt with fully at the first point of contact with little or no follow up required. We are investing in our staff training as well as technology to ensure we can deliver on this objective from our contact centre.
We are really proud of our investment and our team, and we feel certain our customers will enjoy speaking with our contact centre team and feel the benefits of the new service.