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Pay to Stay still needs amendment


by Gordon Perry
Chief Executive

It’s an unprecedented time of change in our sector but one thing that won’t change for Accent is our job of providing homes for people in housing need and supporting their housing aspirations.

Accent already offers shared and outright home ownership – as well as a tenancy for as long as it is needed. In a world where 25% of the population will never be able to afford to buy a home, a secure home is like gold dust. 

We agree that high earning households should not benefit from sub-market rents, but we welcome the Government’s decision to make pay to stay a voluntary policy for housing assoctaions to implement.

Our concern stay remains the trigger of £30k household income, which is little more than the minimum wage for two people. It will impact hardest on aspiring working people and act as a disincentive to work. Surely, this cannot be the Government’s intention? Would it not make more sense for the policy to reflect the average UK household income of £52K or the £50k high income definition when child benefit becomes taxable? That is what we will consider at Accent.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer more than the private sector with ‘a home for life’.

Pay to stay set at a £30k trigger jeopardises the most vulnerable people in our society obtaining that most valuable asset – a secure quality home at a price they can afford to pay for as long as they need it.