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Glorious Gardens

Our competition winners


Over the summer months, we held our five regional gardening competitions.

We were inundated with very beautiful and very creative entries, and our regional judges had the very difficult job of trying to decide the winners.

Some regions had slightly different categories than others to showcase different schemes and communities, but everyone who entered had made a fantastic effort. It is our pleasure to name the winners and share some of their beautiful gardens with you.

Look out for next year’s competitions and, if you didn’t win this year, get growing and better luck next time!

Accent North East: Six categories and one Overall Best


Best Yard:

  • First: Maureen Chilver
  • Second: Viv Lever

Best Container

  • First: John Mason
  • Second: Patricia Robinson

Best Disabled Residents’ Garden

  • First: Kevin Bibby
  • Second: Andrea Bainbridge


Best Garden

  • First: Jean Taylor
  • Second: Jackie Burdon

Best Sheltered Scheme

  • First: Wandales Court
  • Second: Arlington Court

Best Vegetable Garden

  • First: John Gosling
  • Second: Brian Hodgson

The region offered an overall ‘best’ prize which was awarded to Maureen Chilver.

Accent Nene: Five Categories

Nene Basket (1)

Best Container/Hanging Basket

  • First: Maggie Morley
  • Second: Ann Smith
  • Third: Pauline and Gordon Shepherd

Best Disabled Residents’ Garden

  • First: Natalie Straddling
  • Second: Richard Jarvis
  • Third: Mr & Mrs Lambert


Best Garden

  • First: Lee Fowle
  • Second: Sadie Boor
  • Third: Jane Bartlett

Best Sheltered Scheme Garden

  • First: Vivienne Almond
  • Second: Patricia Naylor
  • Third: Cathy Bates

Best Young Person’s Garden

  • First: Lisa Burton

Accent North West: Four Categories


Best Sheltered Scheme Garden

  • First: Netherton House
  • Second: Kirk House
  • Third: Blandford House

Best Garden

  • First: Irene Dyer
  • Second: Keith Clark and Jacqueline Edmonson Mott
  • Third: Paul Royles and Ryszard Roskaniec


Best Container/Hanging Basket

  • First: Wood Top
  • Second: Thomas Hogg
  • Third: Brodie Toolin

Best Disabled Residents Garden

  • First: George Morris

Accent South: Four Categories


Best Container

  • Sheila Elgie

Best Garden

  • First: Debbie Boxall
  • Joint second: Ann Piggot and Mr & Mrs Parrant

Best Vegetables & Fruits

  • First: Keith Matthews
  • Second: Dawn Newman

Best Sheltered Scheme Garden

  • First: Gordon Collins
  • Second: Margaret Corner

Accent Yorkshire and Humberside: Six Categories


Best Garden

  • First: Sylvia Winkowska
  • Second: V Wood

Best Sheltered Scheme

  • First: Hunt Court, Wakefield
  • Second: Astura Court, Leeds

Best Communal Garden

  • First: Brendan Court, Bradford
  • Second: Longrow Court, Bradford


Best container/hanging basket

  • First: Barry Walton
  • Second: Harry Scalgs

Best patio/yard

  • First: Sarah Black
  • Second: Victoria Gardens, Skipton

Best Balcony

  • Homsley Green, Woodlesford