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Acting now for our future generations

GordondowningstHousing isn’t seen as a voting issue – it’s not of concern to voters, it doesn’t have the profile of education and health, yet we are now seeing the signs that our children may not have anywhere to live in the next few years. In the last decade, we have had the biggest baby boom since World War 2, but there were 180,000 less houses built. Why?
Now at last we are starting to ask the question of where our future generations will live and, even if there are places to live, what price will have to be paid? The average UK household income comes in at £32,000, yet the very minimum now needed for a mortgage is topping the £36,000 mark. More and more parents are having to find deposits for the children’s first homes.
We are backing the National Housing Federation’s ‘Homes for Britain’ Campaign. Over the next few months, we’ll be involved in lots of nationwide activities with hundreds of other housing associations which are aimed at getting the housing crisis to the top of all parties’ elect8ion agendas. .The plan is for thousands of people to  come together in the heart of Westminster on 17 March 2015 for the biggest housing rally in a generation to urge all parties to back our call to put an end to the housing crisis within a generation. This rally will bring together every part of the housing world - from private developers to homelessness campaigners, from social housing providers to private landlords.
Invited speakers include the leaders of Britain's main political parties, as well as those from across the worlds of housing, finance and even the entertainment industry. 

Let's support the campaign together, our children’s homes in the future depend on it.