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A value for money service

Newleafletspage (1)NEW CUSTOMER LEAFLETS

As part of our objective to deliver a more consistent and joined up service across Accent, for the last few months we have been reviewing all our customer leaflets, in consultation with key staff and residents. Across Accent, we had over 130 formal leaflets in use. These have now been reviewed and condensed into a more manageable number of less than 30 and we’ve retained the ‘best bits’ from them all.
Our plan is not to print supplies of the leaflets, but to host them online, where they can be easily viewed or downloaded for residents to print in their own homes. If a resident does not have a printer but would like a hard copy, the idea is that they request one from the local office, and contact centre staff will print and post (or give) a copy to them.
The review forms part of our value for money strategy, by reducing printing and wastage, and enabling us to invest more money into providing our new personal, modern and better service.

The full set of leaflets are now ready to view in the Customer Publications section of our site.