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A successful partnership


CCTV ArticleWith Manningham Housing Association, we own and manage a number of homes on Hetton Drive and Wetton Court, two estates in the Bradford 3 area. Both estates have had a history of anti-social behaviour, facing problems such as criminal damage to properties, joy riding and burnt out cars, drug dealing and youth nuisance.
Traditionally, the problems have been dealt with individually by each association, Bradford Council or the police but, over the last year, we  have been working closely with the police to try to find a way of tackling the problems together once and for all.
After talking to local residents to find out what they thought would help, the end result is a new state of the art CCTV and barrier system in the centre of both estates. Both housing associations have jointly funded the £10,000 system, along with a connection and meter charge of an additional £2,500.
Anti-Social Behaviour Officer Tim Bamber, who has co-ordinated the project to make sure it was ready to launch as part of for West Yorkshire Police’s Anti-Social Behaviour Week (14 – 19 July 2014), said: “Everyone involved will benefit from this joint venture. Residents will see a drop in anti-social behaviour in the area and feel safer and happier in their homes. Accent and Manningham will benefit from happier customers and spend less time and effort dealing with anti-social behaviour to concentrate on providing  services to all their other customers, and the police will benefit from receiving less calls to deal with anti-social behaviour; freeing up their time to deal with more serious crime and emergencies”.
Deputy Leader of Bradford Council Councillor Imran Hussain said:  "This new CCTV is another important weapon in our fight to reduce and eradicate the blight of anti-social behaviour, and in doing so, improve the quality of life for local residents."
Manningham Housing neighbourhood Officer Jonathan Coles said: “The safety of our customers is paramount to us, so we are really pleased for all the residents around the area. We have listened to customers and, more importantly, delivered on their concerns.  People need to feel safe in their neighbourhoods and these cameras will go a long way in achieving this goal.”