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Money Matters


Budget Calculator

Do you want to understand how much it will cost to run your home? Our user friendly budget planner is free to use and should only take minutes to complete. Before you start you’ll need:

  • Your income, e.g. from benefits, pension details or any earnings
    Your partner’s income, including any benefits
  • How much money you have going out on debt repayments, or money coming in from interest on savings
  • Your household bills, for gas, electricity, food, mobile and internet payments, leisure activities, etc.
  • Your bank statements so you can refer to them to check your figures

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Benefits Calculator

Are you missing out on help? Our benefits calculator will help you find out what benefits you might be be able to claim.

The calculator is free to use, and the details you provide are anonymous. If you need any help using the calculator please contact us.

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