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Executive Team and Board


The Accent Board works closely with the executive team to make sure we are heading in the right strategic direction. Members review how we perform to make sure all our businesses are performing to the level we need.

Tom Miskell 

Group Chair

"I joined Accent as chair elect in November 2015, before taking up my role as group chair in June 2016. I’m delighted to be involved with Accent and looking forward to helping the association achieve its vision. I have worked in the sector for over 25 years, holding positions within the former Housing Corporation, a local authority, housing associations and as a management consultant. Until 2014, I was chief executive with Together Housing Group. I remain active in a number of chair and vice chair positions with, amongst others, the Northern Housing Consortium and Johnnie Johnson Housing Trust."   

Peter Caffrey

Chair of Accent North West

 “I have been a member of the board since 2012.  In my career, I’ve held a number of senior manager and director positions in high level financial institutions helping small businesses with loan facilities and providing funding packages for social housing providers. With Accent, I can continue to use my experience to help the association achieve its vision”.

Archana Makol

"I am delighted for the opportunity to help Accent achieve its vision. Currently, as Chief Counsel with BT, I provide strategic legal and policy advice on all manner of risks and disputes. I will use this experience to help Accent maintain its professional integrity, and to ensure it is open and honest in all of its transactions. The sector is of particular interest to me and I look forward to helping Accent meet its key issues around supply and cost, at the same time as ensuring it continues to improve customer service".

Sally Ormiston

"I joined the Board of Accent in January 2017, and the Asset Management Committee later that year. Until May 2016, as a Director at Deloitte, I held various roles across public sector strategy consulting including 5 years as Deloitte’s Programme Director for London 2012, and latterly in a leadership role with responsibility for priority client relationships and business development across the UK. With a background in regeneration and economic development I now work as an independent consultant and have led numerous advisory projects for clients across the public, private and third sectors developing strategies and designing and implementing programmes to deliver outcomes for public and community benefit. I am committed to helping Accent achieve its ambitious vision for the future and contributing to the critical social agenda of affordable housing in the UK."

Maggie Punyer

Chair of Accent South and Service Performance Committee

"I have been involved with the housing sector since 1975. Most recently, I was public sector development director for Ocean Media Group, where I managed the annual CIH conference and exhibition. I have been an active community volunteer for many years and I feel my interest in helping residents and their communities develop, combined with my knowledge of the sector can help Accent achieve our vision.”    

Rob Seldon

Chair of Audit Committee

"I joined Accent as a co-opted board member in August 2015, before taking my position on the board  in June 2016. My accountancy career has spanned almost 30 years and I have worked across a variety of practice areas including financial reporting, standards and controls, and mergers and acquisitions. I retired from Deloitte in 2013 with the aim of gaining experience in new environments where my existing skills can make a valued contribution, as such, am delighted to have become involved with Accent."


Paul Dolan - Chief Executive 

Claire Stone - Executive Director, Customer Experience

Sarah Ireland - Executive Director, Development & Growth

David Royston - Executive Director, Finance and ICT 

Matthew Sugden - Executive Director, Governance and Business Assurance


Gail Shadlock - Director of Organisational Development & Growth (fixed term post)

Neil Cox - Director of Asset Management

Paula Wilson - Director of Customer Contact

Damian Roche - Director of Customer Experience (East)

Rob Mills - Director of Customer Experience (South)

Shaun Finegan - Director of Customer Experience (North)

Rachael Walsh - Director of Insight & Strategy

Tony Grainger - Regional Housing Director (North East)

Anthony Brown - Director of Development & Growth (Interim post)

Steve Dungworth - Director of Digital Transformation

Mags Pearson - Head of Regulation and Insurance

Naeem Nawaz - Head of Finance (Customer Experience)