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Corporate Strategy 2018-21

With you for your Journey

Delivering our Misson

We achieve our mission by providing safe, secure, quality affordable homes. We deliver services that complement the homes we provide and deliver a highly valued customer experience.

The homes we provide and the services we deliver will support our residents and communities to realise their aspirations for better living.

Our new corporate strategy 2018 - 2021 sets out our ambitious agenda to achieve two key objectives.

First, to deliver high quality homes in response to the UK housing crisis, second, to transform how we provide services to our customers. Our ambition is to be recognised as a market leader for the quality of our homes and the effectiveness of our services.

So Far - The films

Before we looked to the future, we took a moment to reflect on 'our journey' so far. To do this we commissioned a series of short films featuring a mix of both staff and residents, who openly and honestly shared their personal stories and experiences of living with and working for Accent. You can watch the films at so-far.co.uk, we've included 'Karen and Peter's' film here.

Primary Themes

Our corporate strategy has four primary themes:

Affordable and secure homes

We provide high quality homes in desirable areas.

We continually maintain and invest in our homes to ensure no residents are left behind as market expectations change over time.

Where we have homes people no longer want to live in, we remodel them to match the needs of the local market, or sell and reallocate the proceeds into newer homes with more promising futures.

Service choice and innovation

Our customers trust us. They trust our services to free them up to make choices that benefit their life journeys.

We trust our customers to look after their homes and meet the responsibilities of their tenancy.

Innovation is important to make sure we never fall short in delivering everything we set out to.

Building sustainable futures is a key facet of our innovation, providing extra help and support to vulnerable customers experiencing short or long term difficulties. 

Empowered and talented people

We motivate and inspire people to deliver the best experience for customers. We do so with strong leadership at every level of the Accent team. This is what creates the strong culture, environment and opportunity for everyone to reach their potential.

We are widely recognised as a great place to work. This is only possible because we are all proud to work for Accent and we all 'get' why we are here, what we do and who we do it for.

Ambitious and resilient business

The biggest impact we can make is to provide good quality homes and services that set a standard for others to follow. This is possible because we are financially strong, well run and well governed. We know we are easy to do business with and we always challenge ourselves to do more and do it better.

Our organisational diversity is a key strength. Our national coverage enables us to get the best value from the resources at our disposal. Our regional delivery teams understand the communities we work in better than anyone and maximise our capacity to deliver homes and services in their areas.