Making a difference… improving homes, communities and lives

Business Plan 2015 -2020

FranklandsoverheadHomes and services for the 21st century

Our commitment is to provide high quality homes for people in housing need in communities where they are proud to live. 

Setting out how we do that is the Accent Business Plan and our three key themes; supporting aspirations, building and improving our homes and new opportunities and growth. 

Central to the delivery of our Business Plan is the Accent Offer, built around three key themes; personal, modern and better. Together, these form Accent into a thriving, successful organisation with its customers at its heart.

The Accent vision is ‘Making a difference… improving homes, communities and lives’ it sums up everything we stand for and everything we do

Our strategic objectives enable our staff to understand how the things they do as individuals in their day to day jobs contribute to achieving the Accent vision.

  • Improving homes
  • Improving communities and lives
  • Delivering a personal, modern and better service.

More information on each objective below, or alternatively you can download the full version of our Business Plan.

  • Our service offer will meet our residents' needs and aspirations as their circumstances change.
  • We are extending the range of services our contact centre provides to improve connectivity and establish a unified platform for integrated communications.
  • We ensure our residents can do business with us at a time, and in a way, that suits them.
  • Our new digital strategy will update our website, customer portal and simplify our lettings and allocations process.
  • We are committed to supporting our residents if they need help to manage their tenancy or intimes of crisis.
  • We are committed to helping our residents with aspirations for homeownership.
  • We prioritise the services which support our residents in tough times.
  • We are investing in our specialist tenancy support and income recovery support teams to help us meet the challenges ahead.
  • We will build 2,300 homes over the next five years (500 or £50M in the next two years).
  • We have secured additional funding of £220M up to 2023.
  • We will deliver new homes where they are needed, not just where we want to grow.
  • We are committed to investing £150M in our homes, communities and services so our residents are proud to live in an Accent home.
  • We will continue to lead the successful Accent Group Development Consortium with our partner housing associations.
  • We are actively pursuing mergers and new partnerships to increase our portfolio, our opportunities for development and to deliver improved value for money.
  • We are promoting our low cost back office services as a value for money alternative to smaller organisations.


We are governed by a single Accent Board, which is supported by five regional compliance and scrutiny committees. This simplified structure has enabled the delivery of speedier and more effective decisions with less bureaucracy, and the ability to make more of a difference to our services and our residents.

Like all other housing associations, we are facing risks and there are some uncertain times ahead but we have anticipated them in our business plan and we will manage them at the same time as achieving our ambition to grow and become the the best housing association in the UK - providing quality homes, delivering excellent services, and seeking out the new opportunities that come our way. 

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